Welcome to PPC Urban Consulting Pty Ltd

Property development isn’t easy.  For experienced developers and investors, it can be sometimes daunting too. The first and the most important questions that experienced developers would ask are:

  • what products are in demand now and in the future? 
  • what kind of development would be likely allowed by local councils?
  • can a given development be let or sold easily upon completion?
  • how much a given development will cost me to build and what kind of financial returns will be expected? 
  • …… 

No one can answer the above questions without doing any homework. Every project is unique, so there is no one-size-fit-all process other than adopting a methodical thinking process. This process is illustrated in below figure. It is a process drawn upon expertise from varying professionals to identify and price investment and development risks and maximise investment returns. There is no shortcut.

At PPC Urban, we are committed to help you identify right investment opportunities that meet your needs and obtain necessary approvals. We will work hard for you and company you in your investment and development journeys by guiding you and engaging other experts to guide you and grow your capacity and make successful investments and developments.  

About PPC Urban

PPC Urban Consulting Pty Ltd is a professional consultancy, specialising in Town Planning and Urban Economics. We undertake projects around Australia.

PPC Urban is a team of experienced town planners and property analysts who deliver quality property developments and town planning projects to suit your needs. We provide tailored advice to ensure every client is provided with premium consulting services.

Our consultants have been in the property industry since 1997 and have worked i Australia, United Kingdom and Chinese cities. We are fluent in English and Chinese. We have significant experience in property development and land subdivision.

Doing property developments is not easy. With over 20 years of experience, we have developed in  PPC Urban endeavours to assist our public and private sector clients in:

  • Making informed decisions on land acquisition and development;
  • Effectively delivering quality planning projects to meet your objectives; and
  • Creating economic opportunities and community benefits through making sustainable built environments.

Meeting and working with our team is the only way to understand what makes PPC Urban different. Please call us today to organise an obligation-free consultation session. The coffee is on us!